"Ultra Lite" Running & Cross Training Shoes

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The Ultra-Lite™, Kanisi's boxing trainer & running shoe manages to stand out in an over crowded market of clones and look alikes. The Ultra-Lite is a hybrid of a pylon foam running shoe sole and a breathable, amazingly comfortable boxing shoe upper. This trainer was specifically designed for elite athletes and  their needs during strength & conditioning and outdoor training. The steadiness, flexibility and breathability of the upper, coupled with the waffle split design of the pylon foam sole, makes for an amazingly light as well as a darn good looking shoe. Whether in the gym, on the road or simply running your daily errands you will be delighted by the Ultra-Lite's performance and unique look!

- Mesh, leather and suede upper gives the shoe a rich and stylish look.

- Key areas of the shoe are reinforced with overlays to keep your foot supported.

- Phylon foam, waffled patterned split sole offers unparalleled flexibility.

- Rubber on key points of the outsole resembles natural foot patterns offering maximum traction.

- Extremely light weighs just 10 oz.