"Unanimous" Boxing Shoes

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The Unanimous, Kanisi's  boxing shoe has a simple yet sleek design that makes youwonder what it is about it that makes it so sexy. Hidden under its inconspicuous design lies the characteristics of a superior fighting shoe. The leather and knit materials blend seamlessly and provide the flexibility often only felt in wrestling shoes. Its super low profile rubber sole with its unique diamond pattern offers that close to the ground feel needed to put the power behind your punches. The attached ankle strap ensures your heel remains seated and keeps your ankles feeling snug and protected at all times. The Unanimous  boxing shoe will not only keep you light on your feet but it will also turn heads with its subtle yet eye catching style and design!

-Knit and synthetic leather upper gives the shoe superior flexibility.

- Key areas of the shoe are reinforced with overlays to keep your foot supported.

- Ankle strap keeps your ankles feeling snug and protected .

- Unique diamond outsole pattern offers just enough traction to be able to power through punches and still pivot and slip away.

- Extremely light weighs just 10 oz.



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